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Skylights – Tranform Your Home

Skylights and VELUX SUN TUNNELS® are great accessories to your roofing system and they can dramatically transform your living space by adding more natural light. There are a lot of negative misconceptions about skylights such as “they always leak” or “they make your house hot/cold”.  These  concerns may have been true at some point in the past but advances in technology and roofing techniques have completely revolutionized the skylight industry. Aucoin Roofing is proud to be a licensed installer of Velux brand skylight products. We have successfully completed their brand recognized training program to install their products to their standards. Velux is a well established international skylight manufacturer with a history of quality, innovation and excellence. You can rest assured that when you have a Velux skylight or VELUX SUN TUNNELS ® installed by our team that you will be thrilled with the results!

We offer both new installations as well as replacements and repairs of existing skylights. In either case their are a wide variety of sizes, styles, and features available. Please contact us for a free consultation to see the full range of available products. We will gladly offer recommendations based on your specific project. A general guideline for labour costs for skylight installation or replacement is located in the table below however this price does not include the skylight unit. Total project costs will depend on the type of skylight being installed as there are so many different options available.

VELUX SUN TUNNELS ® – The Simple Skylight

VELUX SUN TUNNELS ® skylights offer a more simple, flexible and economical solution for bringing natural light to dark places. A VELUX SUN TUNNELS ® consists of a roof fixture, a reflective tunnel, and a ceiling fixture which directs light from the outside to the inside. Due to the flexibility and adaptability of the tunnel system and being available in 10”, 14” and 22” sizes they can be installed almost anywhere in your home that has attic/roof space above it such as bathrooms, closets, hallways, kitchens or anywhere else you want to have more natural light! Below you can find a general pricing guideline for VELUX SUN TUNNELS ® installations. 

Description Prices starting at
10” diameter rigid tunnel, includes up to 4’ of rigid tunnel $999.00
Each additional 2’ section of 10” rigid tunnel $99.00
14” diameter rigid tunnel, includes up to 4’ of rigid tunnel $1,099.00
Each additional 2’ section of 14” rigid tunnel $125.00
Skylight replacement (LABOUR/SHOP SUPPLIES ONLY) Includes replacement of necessary bordering shingles to ensure proper installation, removal and disposal of existing skylight, and installation of the skylight, flashing kit and shingles. Excludes any interior repairs/finishing or electrical wiring. SKYLIGHT UNIT AND FLASHING KIT EXTRA. (Prices vary by size) $649.00


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