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Ontario condo associations and owners face a number of problems that can wreak havoc on their roofs, adding to the roof maintenance that needs to be done and sometimes a whole new roof replacement. The harsh Ontario weather (too hot in summer / too cold in winter) can take its toll on condo buildings. In addition to the obvious, the high levels of humidity that follow our bitter cold winters are also known to cause:

  • Water infiltration / Roofing leaks / Mildew
  • Wind damages / Loose or broken shingles and tiles
  • Flashing damage

At Aucoin Roofing we will always try to take the most economical and convenient route for when it comes to roof repairs. Unfortunately, sometimes your roofing material is so damaged beyond repair that we have to replace the entire roof. Our roofing systems for a new condo roof / townhouse roof are cost effective, and will minimize future maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

Condominium owners or condo associations need to choose the right roofing company carefully. The dedicated experts at Aucoin Roofing have proudly served condominium associations for Brantford and Brant County. If your condominium building is looking to repair or replace it’s roof then give us a call. We offer the best roofing warranties in the industry

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