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New Construction Roofing

If you are a builder or building your own custom dream home, don’t under estimate the value of a quality roofing system. There are so many costs and factors to consider when you are building a home. It can be tempting to settle for the cheapest new construction roofing option that meets the bare minimum standards. We understand that most people would rather spend more on the features that you notice such as the hand scraped hardwood floors, luxury counter tops, or an oven that you can set to preheat from your phone.

Those are all great features that you will enjoy, however your roofing system protects them all, as well as the rest of your home, from the elements. A quality roofing system provides protection and peace of mind and should not be taken for granted.

The Aucoin Difference

At Aucoin Roofing Inc the minimum building code is not enough. We complete every roofing system we install to the same high standards. Whether it is a roof replacement or a new construction roofing project we treat it the same. Many builders will only use what is required to meet building code. These are some of our standards that exceed the minimum requirements;

  • Lifetime warranty architectural shingles with 130mph wind resistance rating, rather than 25 year shingles with a 60mph wind resistance rating.
  • We install ice and water shield at the eaves, valleys, wall intersections and critical areas instead of  the minimum required felt paper at the eaves to 2 feet past the interior wall.
  • We install underlay over the entire roof deck, regardless of roof pitch. Building code only calls for this up to a 8:12 pitch and many builders/roofers don’t do it.
  • Drip edge flashing is installed at the eave edges. 
  • Open cut valleys with metal flashing
  • Steel slant back style vents rather than cheaper, plastic vents

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new roof
new roof