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A roof leak or roof issue doesn’t always mean you need a whole new roof; a roof repair may be possible if the roof is generally in good shape. If the roof as a whole is in good condition but the roof has sustained damage, a specific component has failed, or something wasn’t installed correctly in the first place a repair will do.

Aucoin Roofing Inc will provide you with an honest assessment of what is required and a free quote detailing the necessary solution to your roofing issue and the fair price at which the work will be completed. Whether you have lost shingles due to high winds, have a leaking vent or flashing, or you’ve called every roofer in town and nobody seems to be able to solve the problem, we will make sure it gets fixed the right way.

The table below provides general cost guidelines for roof repair services. This is a guideline only , please contact us to provide specific details for your job specific price confirmation.

Description Price
Basic service – includes replacement of up to one bundle of missing or damaged shingles OR application of up to 4 tubes of sealant to vent stacks,exposed nails, roof flashing or worn shingles OR installation of one steel roof vent, Duraflo bathroom vent, or pipe flashing. Includes up to 1 hour labour. $300.00
Each additional bundle of replacement shingles $125.00
Each additional steel roof vent, bathroom vent, or pipe flashing $75.00
Each additional tube of sealant (300ML / 9” TUBE) $25.00
Replace chimney flashing kit – includes replacement of bordering shingles, installation of ice and water shield around chimney, new step flashing, back pan, and flashing kit (black, brown or white),new sealant. Single or double flu chimney $600.00
Triple flu chimney or larger $750.00
Single custom flashing or roof-wall flashing, 10 feet in length or less, includes sealant (black, brown or white) $275.00
Each additional piece of custom metal flashing, includes sealant $125.00


Contact us to learn more and get your free job specific quote today!